Cat’s Bach is worse than her bite


Philadelphia couple Burnell Yow and Betsy Alexander were in their bedroom when they heard someone – or, rather, something – tapping away on their Yamaha piano downstairs.

“We did not think it was a burglar but it was so weird,” Ms Alexander said.

“We had heard our other cat Gabby walk on the keys in the past, but this was repeated notes. So we got up and ran downstairs and there was Nora sitting in perfect posture with her two paws on the piano. She just sat there and looked at us.

“We praised her and she continued. We were laughing and telling her what a good girl she was. We did not know that it was going to become a habit.”…

…Nora, who is named after the surrealist painter Leonora Carrington, has been playing everyday, without any coaxing, for about a year now and her favourite tune, according to her owners, is Bach Minuet in G.

Click here to read the full article and watch the videos.

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2 Responses to “Cat’s Bach is worse than her bite”

  1. Terry Says:

    Groan!!! Good thing that cat is cute and a prodigy! We’d have to cite you for egregious punning.


  2. kittymowmow Says:

    Thanks, but I must lay the praise or blame for the pun at the feet o whoever wrote the original article, because I simply copied and pasted its title. 🙂

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