Animal activists say S.F. tiger attack supports case against zoos


The recent tiger attack in San Francisco has given a platform to animal rights activists, who say holding wild animals in captivity is cruel, for-profit entertainment and should be stopped.

Those who despise zoos – and not just PETA, though the group did join the chorus – say the attack proves that animals are unhappy and that zoos should be phased out.

“The major problem with zoos is they put the entertainment value at a higher priority than the welfare or well-being of the animals,” said Elliot Katz, president of In Defense of Animals, a Mill Valley animal rights group. “Because elephants and tigers are big draws, the zoo creates dangerous situations.”

Katz helped organize the effort to get the elephants removed from the San Francisco Zoo after obtaining medical records that showed they were being mistreated. He said that both elephants and tigers need much more space than the zoo provides.

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8 Responses to “Animal activists say S.F. tiger attack supports case against zoos”

  1. thameem Says:

    really great to see such pictures… need some more in big size..

  2. kittymowmow Says:

    Thanks, Thameem! I’m glad you liked it. I also thought it was a nice picture. 🙂

  3. lovkesh aggarwal Says:

    do more

  4. kittymowmow Says:

    Do more pictures? I’ll try!

  5. Tiger Lover Says:

    I Love Tigers

  6. kittymowmow Says:

    Hey Tiger Lover,

    I love tigers too. 🙂 Thanks for the enthusiasm.

  7. Nachrishando Says:

    I like Tiger picture because is beautiful and very cute.

    oya I hope may be people give me Tiger toys I can keep for long time

    until old I LOVE TIGER

    ~JDX~Shando 2008

    ~JDX~TIGER 21 september 1982 -2009

  8. kittymowmow Says:

    Hi Nachrishando,

    I love tigers and think they are very beautiful, too.

    Here’s a neat site about tiger conservation and how you can help save tigers from extinction:

    And look at this stuffed tiger exhibit (not REAL stuffed tigers, but TOY stuffed tigers):

    Have a good day!

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