Enter Nigel Barker’s challenge to save seals

Here I am on March 3 with HSUS President Wayne Pacelle at the amazing seal nursery.
Photo credit: The HSUS

Dear Kitty Mowmow Reader,

Like you, I care deeply about animals and don’t ever want to see them suffer.

I’ll never forget the first time I saw the shocking images: conscious seal pups being clubbed over the head and dragged across the ice … with some baby seals even skinned alive. I vowed right then to do everything I could to help stop this senseless cruelty.

One important way that you can help is by signing the pledge to boycott Canadian seafood until the seal hunt is stopped.

Why boycott Canadian seafood? Seal hunting is an off-season activity for Canada’s commercial fishermen, who earn a small fraction of their incomes from killing baby seals for their fur. That’s why a financial blow to the commercial fishing industry’s seafood exports is key to bringing about an end to this vicious slaughter.

After you’ve signed, please take my Pledge Challenge and ask all of your friends and family to sign, too.

The person who recruits the most new pledge signers will win a fabulous seal-themed prize pack from me. This prize pack includes a signed photo, my new T-shirt (see photo to the right), a campaign hoodie, and cute seal mug and baby seal plush toy. Ten runners-up will receive a signed photo and the baby seal plush toy. The more people you get to sign the pledge between now and midnight March 24, the greater the chance you’ll have to win! You can send up to 10 emails per message and up to 20 messages per day. Read all of the contest rules.

After what I have witnessed these past several days, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to help prevent these defenseless baby seals from being brutally slaughtered for their fur — most of which is exported to Europe. You see, I’ve just returned from the ice floes in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, where I joined my friends at The Humane Society of the United States in viewing an extraordinary sight — the birth of thousands of harp seal pups across a pristine and peaceful winter landscape. View my photos of this amazing place here. It’s so painful to think that in only a few weeks’ time, this beautiful seal nursery will be transformed into a scene of bloody carnage.

Please take a moment to sign the pledge to boycott Canadian seafood and help end this hunt forever.

Your involvement during these next few weeks is critical — because our campaign is starting to achieve real results. Since the ProtectSeals boycott began, the value of Canadian snow crab exports to the United States has plummeted $465 million (in Canadian dollars). Help us keep the pressure on Canada’s fishing industry by joining more than 545,000 people who have already signed the pledge!

It only takes a few minutes to speak up for baby seals. If we all act now, this may be the last commercial seal hunt any of us ever has to witness.


Nigel Barker

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