Are Exotic Pets A Dangerous Problem In The Miami Valley?

A giant alligator sits motionless by a pool of calm water, a cougar licks his paws under the sun of a warm April day, and two grown tigers pace inside a fenced-in enclosure.

All four animals share a common history.They were all owned as pets by different Miami Valley residents and have been rescued by Preble County’s Heaven’s Corner Zoo.Throughout the years, workers at Heaven’s Corner, in West Alexandria, have taken in exotic pets that have either become too big or have gotten loose from their residential owners.

“If you have the experience and the compound to take care of an animal like that, I see no problem with it,” said zoo volunteer Scott Trochelman. “But to have one in an apartment in Dayton? No. These animals are killers in the wild and in captivity.

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One Response to “Are Exotic Pets A Dangerous Problem In The Miami Valley?”

  1. exoticpetlovers Says:

    for me, dangerous or not, it depends on the individual him/herself. if you know how to deal with the exotic pet’s behavior, then it won’t be dangerous. and in fact, we’ve seen some people become best friends with some exotic pets right? they can even get along with wild animals like tigers or aligators 😉

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