It’s a dog’s life, not the cat’s meow, study says

In the epic cold war between cats and dogs, a recent study suggests canines are getting a paw-up on the home front.

According to research published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, dogs not only get showered with more affection from their owners than cats, they’re also significantly more likely to receive medical services such as vaccinations, regular health exams and preventive dental care.

The multi-phase study, which was conducted with 2,000 dog and cat owners over three months, shows dog people are considerably more likely than cat people to spend whatever is necessary to keep their pet healthy (52 per cent versus 42 per cent), are more prone to seeing their animal as a child (43 per cent versus 36 per cent), more frequently buy gifts for the pet (48 per cent versus 34 per cent), and are more apt to miss their animal while away from home (58 per cent versus 47 per cent).

“The crisis is that cat health care is on the decline,” says Jane E. Brunt, an AVMA spokeswoman and doctor of veterinary medicine. She believes the trend is partially linked to diminished views of cats in popular culture.

“The stereotypes that surround cats are unfortunate – that whole ‘crazy cat lady’ thing, the feeling that cats are sneaky, cats are aloof.”

Click here for the full article.

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