Extreme Animal Rights Groups: Do They Really Help Animals?

More than half of US households own a pet. Most are too busy to research the current politics behind the animal rights versus animal welfare movement.

Animal welfare, AW,  movement wants to improve the conditions of animals, animal rights, AR,  movement, in the long run, is against any and all animal use, even as pets.

The problem is, many animal rights groups are wolf in sheep clothing, pretending to be animal welfare. But upon close inspection it is clear they don’t do anything for the animals, most money is spent in high salaries, fancy offices and lobbying.

These sneaky groups use anything for their agenda to separate honest animal lovers from their money…

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One Response to “Extreme Animal Rights Groups: Do They Really Help Animals?”

  1. Chris Says:

    Support grass roots animal rights groups then if you want genuine people whi fight for the animals year after year without any profit for themselves. And avoid the mainstream groups…

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