Animal lovers battle Venice over piazza pigeons

The pigeons are hungry.

They march single-mindedly, beaks thrust forward, across the stones of St. Mark’s Square, dive-bombing at the first hint of a piece of bread or a chip. Soot-gray, with spindly coral-colored legs and claws, many just pace, pecking at stone in the hopes it will yield a crumb.

This fabled city’s plan to starve away the pigeons seems to be working – unless Venetian pirates come to the rescue.

A band of animal lovers armed with skull-and-crossbones flags zips over the choppy Venice lagoon in speedboats. They dock at the palace-lined piazza, lug out 20-pound sacks of birdseed and scatter the food for all to eat.

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One Response to “Animal lovers battle Venice over piazza pigeons”

  1. pigeonwriter Says:

    Yeah, that’S typical again! Pigeons are at fault when everything’S going wrong but the pollution that’s caused by the industry in the lagoon of Venice is doing no damage? Wonderful how things in this world can be twisted again.
    The poop of pigeons is acid? What a ridiculous statement. These people do know nothing about pigeons. I hope they get a whole pile of poop on their heads!Maybe that’s clearing off the poop IN their heads….

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