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Can animal whisperers help you communicate with your pets?

June 6, 2008

Ears twitching wildly, Nikki and Lucy hovered near the telephone, aroused by the caller on the other end. He was their “whisperer,” and the girls had something to tell me: “Their food tastes like sawdust.”

Nikki and Lucy are my 10-year-old cats. They were nice to each other up until a year or so. That’s when the hissing started, and the bullying, and the sporadic indifference.

That’s also when Nikki, shy and small-boned, began packing on the pounds and chronically licking her tummy until the fur was gone, opening up sore spots that compounded the problem.

Was it middle age? Our five-room apartment closing in? I decided to consult an animal communicator, aka whisperer, to get an alternative read on their well-being and their relationship.

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