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Pair are beary good friends

June 17, 2008

This Asian black bear and pretty puss are still FURRY friends seven years after they became chums.

The odd friendship began in 2001 after Muschi the cat didn’t even paws for thought before trotting into Mausi the bear’s enclosure.

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VIDEO: Is it a baton, or a bo staff? Only the bear knows for sure!

April 14, 2008

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Mystery of the missing zoo animals still unsolved

March 28, 2008

The Berlin zoo is under pressure to explain the fate of hundreds of animals which have vanished amid claims they were slaughtered and in some cases turned into potency-boosting drugs.

Claudia Hammerling, a Green party politician, backed by several animal rights organisations, alleges the zoo’s director, Bernhard Blaszkiewitz, sold the animals.

She claims to have evidence that four Asian black bears and a hippopotamus were transported to the Belgian town of Wortel, which has no zoo, but which does have an abattoir.

According to Ms Hammerling these animals were slaughtered. She said the systematic “overproduction of animals” at zoos, designed to attract more visitors, was to blame.

Ms Hammerling said she also knew of several tigers and leopards from Berlin that ended up in a tiger breeding farm in China that promoted itself as a purveyor of traditional potency-boosting medicines made from big cats. She alleges the animals’ remains were turned into drugs.

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