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American Veterinary Medical Association testifies against keeping primates as pets

April 3, 2008

Citing concerns about the spread of disease and injury, inhumane treatment of animals, and ecologic damage, Dr. Gail C. Golab, director of the AVMA Animal Welfare Division, recently spoke before a House subcommittee on the dangers of private ownership of nonhuman primates by unlicensed individuals.

The House Committee on Natural Resources’ Subcommittee on Fisheries, Wildlife, and Oceans held a hearing March 11 on the Captive Primate Safety Act (H.R. 2964). The legislation would amend the Lacey Act Amendments of 1981, making chimpanzees, monkeys, and other nonhuman primates prohibited wildlife species, thus strictly limiting commerce in pet primates.

Persons or agencies licensed or registered by the government, such as zoos and research facilities, are exempt under the proposal.

Born Free USA and Captive Wild Animal Protection Coalition estimate that more than 15,000 primates are privately owned in the United States.

Between 1995 and 2005, there were 132 injuries or escapes by primates in the United States, according to the coalition. Also, some 80 percent of health and behavioral issues pertaining to primates involve those kept as pets.

Dr. Golab told subcommittee members that the evidence is clear that primates kept as pets are unsafe. Not only are these animals a physical threat, they may also be a source of the herpes B virus and other zoonotic pathogens. “Make no mistake about it,” Dr. Golab, said, “nonhuman primates kept as pets—while cute and often very entertaining—can also pose serious injury risks for their human caretakers and other domestic animals.”

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Culling Elephants in South Africa

March 7, 2008

I posted a week or so ago about culling elephants in South Africa (by the way, culling, according to my dictionary, is to “reduce the population of a whild animal by selective slaughter). The article basically states that authorities would not resort to culling elephants unless they review all other options and see it as absolutely necessary.

The population of elephants has grown to an unsustainable number (5,000 more than is sustainable, according to the article) and they feel that they must cull the elephants to decrease their numbers, instead us depending on other methods such as relocation and contraception.

This email I received from Born Free USA rejects culling elephants, saying that other methods of population control should be used.

I don’t know what to think about this. Of course I don’t want to see huge numbers of elephants being slaughtered, but on the other hand, maybe the existence of their entire habitat is on the brink of destruction, and maybe they have to act quickly to reduce their numbers so that more animals and plants are not wiped out completely. Also, I’m not sure, but I would expect that killing elephants would be cheaper than relocating them, sterilizing them, or using some other form of contraception. There are so many other causes in the world that this money could go to – is it fair to spend it on elephants?

What do you think?

-Kitty Mowmow

Born Free USA United with Animal Protection Institute

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Stop the Culling of Elephants in South Africa

Stop the Culling of Elephants in South Africa

Born Free USA united with Animal Protection Institute was utterly disappointed when the South African Minister of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, Marthinus Van Schalkwyk, recently announced plans permitting a government-sanctioned culling of elephants.

Born Free USA united with API supports real conservation and a series of alternatives to culling — including range expansion, translocation, and contraception. We are urging the Minister to reconsider his decision, which would end a culling ban that has been in place since 1994, and which will have such brutal consequences for tens of thousands of animals.

We hope you will join forces with us in this effort, by writing to South Africa’s Environment Minister, expressing your concerns about South Africa’s announcement and intention to cull elephants.

To find what Will Travers, CEO of Born Free USA united with API, and the Born Free Foundation in the United Kingdom, has to say about this issue, and to take action today, click here.

Thank you for helping these magnificent animals!

California Residents:
2nd Annual Fauna Art Show to Benefit Animals

If you live in Northern California, or may be visiting this weekend, Born Free USA united with Animal Protection Institute invites you to attend the 2nd Annual Fauna Art Show event in Sacramento on Saturday, March 8. This show is being hosted by Bodytribe Fitness, and artists participating in the show have graciously agreed to donate 50% of proceeds from each sale to Born Free USA united with API.

In keeping with our mission to Keep Wildlife in the Wild, this art show’s theme will focus on just that — and will cover the walls at Bodytribe with animal-related art work created by artists from the Sacramento region and beyond.

We look forward to seeing you there!

To find out more, including a list of many participating artists, and to read a special interview with Bodytribe Fitness owner, and longtime vegetarian, Chip Conrad, click here.

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Please consider making a tax-deductible donation in support of our 2008 campaigns and programs. We rely on your continued commitment to our vital work on behalf of animals — and we couldn’t do it without your help.

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Stop the Long Distance Transport of Animals for Slaughter

February 13, 2008

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Born Free USA United with Animal Protection Institute
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Stop the Long Distance Transport of Animals for Slaughter

Undercover Farmed Animal Investigation Reveals Unnecessary Cruelty to Animals

Today, February 12, 2008, marks the release of a two-year investigation by Handle with Care, a global coalition of national and international animal welfare organizations — including Born Free USA united with Animal Protection Institute (Born Free USA)— seeking to end the long-distance transport of animals for slaughter.

Revealed in the investigative footage, gathered across several countries and continents, is evidence of the brutality of transporting live animals long distances — only for them to be slaughtered at the journey’s end.

One of the worst routes for cruelty was the 4,000 mile journey from Canada to Hawaii –endured by up to 15,000 pigs a year — in which investigators uncovered a number of serious animal welfare issues.

“Anyone who watches the footage of pigs desperately trying to escape when they are finally let out of containers in Hawaii after more than a week of brutal confinement cannot help but be moved by their suffering. It is unconscionable to permit the unnecessary long distance transport of animals to continue,” said Monica Engebretson, Born Free USA’s Senior Program Associate.

We need you to help us put a stop this cruel and unnecessary trade as soon as possible. So please check out the ways you can help and take action today.

To find out about the investigation and take action right away, click here.

You can view the footage and get more indepth coverage of the investigation and the issue by clicking here.