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British outraged by kangaroo burgers

June 19, 2008

A British pub has taken kangaroo off its menu after pressure from a radical vegetarian group backed by Sir Paul McCartney.

The Pig and Fiddle in Bath stopped serving roo burgers after being lobbied by Vegetarians International Voice for Animals! (Viva!), which campaigned against the recent roo cull in Canberra.

Viva! has now set its sights on persuading Aussie-themed pubs in the UK to stop serving kangaroo meat and it has already convinced some butchers to stop stocking the product.

British supermarkets Sainsbury’s and Tesco stopped selling roo in the late 1990s after Viva! organised protests and boycotts.

Viva! campaigns manager Justin Kerswell said commercial killing of kangaroos could lead to the national emblem being placed on the endangered list.

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No answers yet to mass dolphin stranding

June 17, 2008

Initial post-mortem examinations on some of the 26 dolphins found dead in southwestern England this week fail to explain why the animals swam ashore in Britain’s biggest mass stranding of marine animals for nearly 30 years, scientists said Thursday.

Scientists from the Zoological Society of London, which is leading the investigation into the deaths of the dolphins in Cornwall, said they have examined 11 of the animals so far.

“At present, no conclusions can be made on the cause of the stranding,” said Rob Deaville, project manager for the UK Cetacean Strandings Investigation Program. “We are currently undertaking detailed post-mortem examinations on all of the stranded dolphins and will also be conducting a number of further tests. Until the investigation is complete, it is not possible to comment with any confidence on any potential reasons for the strandings that took place on Monday.”

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Could this have been caused by Royal Navy exercises?

Rare butterflies breed again after being wiped out in Britain three decades ago

June 16, 2008

This picture of two rare butterflies getting amorous with one another has given fresh hope for the future of species that was once extinct in Britain.

Conservationists who are trying to re-populate the Large Blue butterfly in the wild are delighted with the sight which proves their programme is working.

The insect was wiped out completely in Britain in 1979 after the habitat in which they cacoon themselves as caterpillars was hit after an outbreak of the virus myxomatosis.

In more recent years the Butterfly Conservation charity launched a project to re-introduce them in Britain by using relative caterpillars from Sweden.

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