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Baby gorilla good news for Calgary zoo

May 23, 2008

Zuri the gorilla delivered some much-needed good publicity for the Calgary Zoo yesterday: a new baby.

After a week during which the zoo has made headlines across the country over the mysterious deaths of 40 rays, Zuri’s little bundle of joy was welcome news.

The birth was especially good news for Zuri, a Western Lowland gorilla who suffered the loss of a previous baby in August 2006. That infant gorilla lived only 12 days because Zuri’s half-sister took the baby from her, but had no milk to nurse it.

Back then, Zuri was the lowest-ranking gorilla in the troop and lacked the confidence to grab her child back.

Now, it’s an entirely different story.

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Are zoos an anachronism from a time before the internet and Animal Planet?

May 21, 2008

Animal deaths or injuries at zoos often result in renewed debate about whether wild animals should be kept in captivity. Recently, the deaths of over 40 cownose stingrays at the Calgary Zoo and the death of a visitor at the San Francisco Zoo stirred up more questions on whether animals should be kept for public viewing.

While the institutions often tout their educational programs as one of the many reasons for people, and especially children, to visit, saying they can learn a great deal about animals from zoos, Rob Laidlaw, executive director of Zoocheck Canada, a national wild animal protection charity, disputes this argument.

“The menagerie-style zoo, like Toronto and Calgary, emerged in the 19th century in Paris and London and Berlin. This concept emerged at a time when there was no international travel, there was no internet, there was limited access to books for most people, there was no television, there was no Discovery Channel.

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