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South Africa: Neglect of animals threatening human lives

March 5, 2008

Domestic and farm animals in poverty-stricken rural areas often need veterinary care more desperately than animals in townships.

Allan Perrins, chief executive officer of the Cape of Good Hope SPCA, says the rural neglect of animals is a countrywide problem and the Karoo is the Western Cape’s “hotspot”.

Vast distances between clinics and homes and lack of transport, education and money all contribute to the problem.

There was an epidemic of mange, a condition that could be transferred to humans as scabies, Perrins said. This was especially dangerous for children, the elderly, and those living with tuberculosis or HIV.

Recently a vet visiting Ladismith in the Karoo had to put down, over a few hours, 60 animals infected with mange.

Fleas, ringworm, worms and other afflictions can also be contracted by humans.

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