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VIDEO: The two talking cats

May 6, 2008

VIDEO: This cat actually LOVES playing in water

May 6, 2008

How do you choose your pet?

May 6, 2008

Americans spent more than $41 billion last year on their pets, according to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association. We spend more on our pets than movies, video games and music combined.

So, what does the type of pet you choose to pamper say about you? Many pet owners look for pets that reflect their own personalities, looks and lifestyle, experts say. But their expectations often are not in sync with their choices.

“People that like cats tend to be those that maybe are more reflective and appreciate the cat’s ability to be different and stand by himself and yet be affectionate on his own terms,” said Amy Shojai, a certified animal behavior consultant. “A lot of artists, a lot of writers and musicians, really enjoy having cats because they are not quite as demanding as dogs.”

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PHOTO: I didn’t know I had it in me…

May 5, 2008

PHOTO: I will love you guys thiiiiiis much if you don’t move

May 5, 2008

It’s a dog’s life, not the cat’s meow, study says

May 3, 2008

In the epic cold war between cats and dogs, a recent study suggests canines are getting a paw-up on the home front.

According to research published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, dogs not only get showered with more affection from their owners than cats, they’re also significantly more likely to receive medical services such as vaccinations, regular health exams and preventive dental care.

The multi-phase study, which was conducted with 2,000 dog and cat owners over three months, shows dog people are considerably more likely than cat people to spend whatever is necessary to keep their pet healthy (52 per cent versus 42 per cent), are more prone to seeing their animal as a child (43 per cent versus 36 per cent), more frequently buy gifts for the pet (48 per cent versus 34 per cent), and are more apt to miss their animal while away from home (58 per cent versus 47 per cent).

“The crisis is that cat health care is on the decline,” says Jane E. Brunt, an AVMA spokeswoman and doctor of veterinary medicine. She believes the trend is partially linked to diminished views of cats in popular culture.

“The stereotypes that surround cats are unfortunate – that whole ‘crazy cat lady’ thing, the feeling that cats are sneaky, cats are aloof.”

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Is your pet’s name popular in California?

May 3, 2008

Searching for the perfect pet name? Want to know whether it’s more popular to name your pug “Popeye” than “Pugsly”? Search this handy database to see names of more than 60,000 dogs and cats licensed in San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose. What are the unlicensed dogs called? Don’t ask.

Type in your pet’s name to see its popularity among all dogs, specific breeds of dogs, and all cats. Or, search by animal type, breed and most popular names. Results for a name search will include a total for how often the name is used for all dogs and cats, and a break out of dog breeds. (Source: Animal licensing departments in San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose)

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Owners of exotic pets are a lot like owners of cats and dogs

May 2, 2008

Ask exotic-pet owners why they opted for pythons or tarantulas and you get … well, pretty much the same responses you’d expect from folks with more traditional pets.

Roy and Beverly Carlson were empty-nesters whose five children had grown up, and they were seeking humanlike companionship; enter Michael the pigtail macaque (a “monkid” in pet parlance). Gwen Hovde and Andrew Reddig switched to sugar gliders because they were tired of having hamsters die on them. Kaine Trondson used to be allergic to cats and soon took a liking to reptiles.

Another trait they share with those for whom cats and dogs reign: a disdain for irresponsible pet owners. The problem with exotic pets, they maintain, is not the animals but the people, irresponsible owners and breeders.

“That’s the way it is with every species,” Hovde said. “Pit bulls are great pets if they’re treated right. Same with sugar gliders.”

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Momma kitty adopts baby squirrel

May 1, 2008

Animal Control workers weren’t sure what to do when someone dropped off a baby squirrel at the shelter about four weeks ago.

At the same time, they were concerned about a mother cat who seemed down over the recent loss of her kitten.

Then it hit them: What if they put the squirrel and cat together?

To this day, they have been amazed and touched by the results. The cat has taken in the squirrel as its baby.

The squirrel feeds from the cat, and “Momma,” as the shelter workers have named the cat, has taught the squirrel the finer things in life, such as using the litter box.

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The cat and the squirrel are up for adoption, as a package or individually!  Adopt them before they are euthanized!  Read the full article for more info.

-Kitty Mowmow

Debate: Do Pets Make Us Happier?

April 30, 2008

Growing up, my family had a much-beloved dog, Paddy-Wack (“Knick knack paddy wack, give your dog a bone…”), but we don’t have a pet now. I’m very thankful that our building doesn’t allow them, because the Big Girl would constantly be pestering me about it, if not. I definitely wouldn’t want the responsibility of having a pet – we’re taxed to the uttermost right now, with two children. We can’t even keep a houseplant alive.

Nevertheless, I know that for many people, pets are an enormous source of happiness. The other day, though, I had a fascinating conversation with a friend about the negative happiness consequence of having pets. There are pros and cons I hadn’t considered.

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The `Cat Lady of Baghdad’ battles on, saving strays of Iraq

April 30, 2008

The mission was to get Simba al-Tikriti out of Iraq and to a new life in Britain.

First, a roadside bomb nearly wiped out the taxi heading to the border with Kuwait. The next step was to hide under tarps in the back of a truck. More hardship awaited: six months caged by authorities in England.

But freedom eventually came for Simba, who walked away from captivity with tail held high.

So began the improbable work of the self-proclaimed Cat Lady of Baghdad.

“Some people buy flash cars, others flash clothes. But it’s my animals that float my boat,” said Louise, a security consultant in Baghdad who moonlights as a one-woman animal rescue unit that may be the only such organized effort under way in Iraq.

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Troubled teen says “Animals saved my life”

April 29, 2008

Every morning, 17-year-old Lim Weiting wakes up to 50 small animals waiting to be fed.

Among them are a cat, a rabbit, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters and gerbils, which she lovingly grooms, feeds and talks to like old friends.

Most of the animals in her room are for sale, along with a range of pet supplies.

But hers is no ordinary pet shop.

Her small business is run out of a room in the Andrew and Grace Home in Aljunied, a home for troubled teens run by Pastor Andrew Choo and his wife, Grace.

The animals, she says, saved her.

Weiting was sent to the home last year, after her parents filed a beyond parental control complaint against her.

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Dallas dog and cat owners object to proposal to curb pets

April 29, 2008

A plan to enact strict new rules for pet ownership in Dallas drew sharp opposition at City Hall on Monday, despite the City Council’s insistence that something must be done to address a massive and growing stray-dog problem.

Pet owners, breeders and dog show participants showed up in force to protest the proposed changes, which include mandatory spaying and neutering of pets and limiting Dallas households to a total of six cats and dogs.

“I do believe there is a stray-dog problem, but these particular changes won’t solve that,” said Sarah Hebler, owner of a Belgian Tervuren she doesn’t want to have fixed.

Many who attended the meeting said the plan will place new burdens on responsible pet owners and do nothing to stop people who don’t follow current regulations.

But city officials, including Animal Shelter Advisory Commission Chairman Robert “Skip” Trimble, said the city can’t stand by anymore while packs of dogs run wild in some of the city’s poorest neighborhoods.

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PHOTO: Ninja cat ATTACKS!!!

April 28, 2008

Rapid rise in dumped pets – RSPCA

April 28, 2008

The RSPCA says it was called on to save nearly 150,000 animals last year.

Many of these were farm animals and pets rescued during the summer floods, or birds injured by oil spills.

However, 7,347 rescued animals were abandoned pets, compared with 5,959 in 2006. The charity warned that abandoning pets was an offence.

Examples of dumped animals included a litter of kittens left in a dustbin bag, and a rabbit abandoned in a box in a crushing machine at a recycling centre.

Excuses given by owners who no longer wanted to look after their pets were said to have included: “My dog hurts my legs when she wags her tail,” and “my cat doesn’t match my new carpet.”

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Artificial Airways Good News For Asthma And Animals

April 28, 2008

A new ‘artificial airway’ being developed in a test tube could make it possible to develop better therapies for asthma and allergy sufferers and could reduce the need for animal testing.

The development promises to benefit people with asthma, whose airways (breathing passages) are sensitive to pollen, dust, animal fur and viruses which cause them to be inflamed making it hard to breathe.

Academics at the University of Southampton are working with the National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research (NC3Rs) on this project.

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Pets, Vets and Debts: Owners Face Higher Bills, More Medical Options and Tough Decisions About How Much Is Too Much

April 27, 2008

In the bad-luck lottery for pet care, Jennifer Freeman hit the jackpot. Over seven bank-account-draining months two years ago, the D.C. resident’s four cats came down with several ailments: urethra blockages, gum disease, constipation (hey, it happens). Before she knew it, Freeman, 31, had forked over more than $11,000 for surgeries and veterinary fees, was buying bottled water and prescription pet food for her feline charges and was wondering just how much more she could take.

“On my end, the cash register was just spinning,” Freeman says. “Half of my take-home pay was going to pay vet bills.” Upon receiving yet another $1,000 bill for a series of tests and procedures, a sobbing Freeman told her veterinarian that the next time one of her cats got sick, he should put it to sleep, because she couldn’t afford it.

“The vet seemed a little stunned,” says Freeman, whose cats are alive and mostly well. “I think he didn’t think that money was a big consideration for me.”

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Adopt a rescued rat!

April 26, 2008

[…] After being alerted by neighbors, Thurston County animal control officials served a search warrant on April 9 at the residence of Michele Diller, 64. They found that pet rats had ruined the house, chewing through walls, cupboards, drawers and wires, soaking carpets with urine and covering floors with feces. The officials removed a cat, four severely malnourished snakes, five mice and two rats.

Since then, county health officials have said the house will be condemned and Diller has moved to an apartment in neighboring Lewis County to await assisted-living housing.

[…] As of Thursday the group had captured 29 live rats, including 10 babies.

“They’re very smart, they’re very clean, they can do tricks,” Price said. “They’re like little miniature dogs.”

Before agreeing to move, Diller was saying, `You can’t hurt them, they’re my friends,'” said Susanne Beauregard, director of Animal Services.

The rats could not survive in the wild because Diller fed them cat food, so they have no scavenging skills, and poor eyesight would also make them easy prey, Price said.

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Cat Lovers Appreciate Soul Mate in Vatican

April 24, 2008

Their names are Shadow, Butch, Misty, Rusty, Sparky, Sunshine, Esther, Marty and Spunky. They are cats, some former strays, some tiger-striped. But to Jan Fredericks of Wayne, N.J., they are family, they are God’s creatures and deserving of compassion.

And in Pope Benedict XVI, Ms. Fredericks, the chairwoman of the fledgling American branch of Catholic Concern for Animals, believes that she has found a kindred spirit: Along with an enormous entourage and a message of peace, the Pope brought with him to the United States a lifelong love of cats.

Benedict’s kindness toward the strays of Rome is already the stuff of Vatican legend. His house in Germany, its garden guarded by a cat statue, was filled with cats when Benedict lived there full time before he was posted to the Vatican in 1982.

And Benedict is, without a doubt, the first pope to have had an authorized biography of him written by a cat — Chico, a ginger tabby who lives across the road from Benedict’s old house in Germany.

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Pets With Unknown Birthdates Now Have Reason to Celebrate

April 24, 2008

Pets play extremely important roles in the lives of millions of Americans. These furry companions treat us like every day is our birthday, yet their birthdays mostly pass without notice. According to a survey* conducted by Purina of 1,000 pet-owning Americans, 43 percent do not know the exact birth date of their pet.

In honor of National Pet Month (May) and all pets with no set birthday, Purina is hosting a nationwide “Fur-real Birthday Pawty” Celebration on Saturday, May 17, 2008. On this day, pet owners are encouraged to honor their adopted pets at the same time shelters across the country will celebrate the rescued dogs and cats in their care that may have unknown birth dates.

Up until now, a lot of pet owners, who didn’t know their pet’s real birthday, just celebrated on a day of their choice. Only 17 percent of the pet owners surveyed that celebrate their pet’s birthday do it on the pet’s actual birth date. In comparison, 30 percent said they celebrate their pet’s birthday on the day they adopted their furry companion since they don’t know their actual birth date. And 16 percent of celebrating pet owners just pick a random day to recognize their pet’s birthday.

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