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Harvey the trampolining dog found

June 23, 2008

A dog named Harvey who used a trampoline to escape over a garden fence has been reunited with his owners.

The black and white Staffordshire Bull Terrier pulled off the stunt to bound to freedom at noon on Friday.

But after this week’s publicity, his owner Laura Kidson, 27, received a call from the RSPCA on Tuesday night to say Harvey had been handed in to them at the weekend.

He has now been reunited with Miss Kidson, her four year old daughter Chloe and nine month old son Cole, who had been pining for him, at their home in York.

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Boy Cuddles & Plays With His 20-Ft. Pet Python

June 19, 2008

Cuddling the class pet is cruel, RSCPA tells schools

May 30, 2008

Clutching the school guinea-pig or charting the growth of tadpoles in a jar has, for generations, been many children’s first encounter with the natural world.

But the practice of keeping animals in school is endangered and may even become extinct if RSPCA guidance is enforced.

Allowing small children, and even smaller creatures, to interact during lessons can be cruel, according to the animal welfare charity.

It says that the shrieks and grabbing hands of affectionate but boisterous pupils make the classroom a frightening and noisy place for pets. The health and wellbeing of animals can suffer even further if they are entrusted to children for the weekend, or over the holidays.

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EPA aims to keep rat poison from children, animals

May 30, 2008

Ecological and conservation groups are praising a move by the Environmental Protection Agency to impose new restrictions on rat poisons to help reduce the threat of accidental exposure to children and wildlife.

“We are very happy that the EPA has done all it can to get these products off of the consumer market,” said Michael Fry, director of conservation advocacy for the American Bird Conservancy. “By putting these restrictions in place, they are allowing a compromise to be made between themselves and organizations who have been working on this problem for a long time.”

The EPA’s new measures, which were handed down Thursday, require that rat poisons be kept in bait stations above ground and in containers that meet agency standards.

Loose bait, such as pellets, and the four most hazardous types of pesticides, known as “second-generation anticoagulants,” will no longer be sold for personal use.

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Screw Worm Outbreak In Yemen

May 8, 2008

An outbreak of the insidious ´screw worm´ fly in Yemen, is threatening livelihoods, in a country where rearing livestock is a traditional way of life. In recent weeks, a Ministerial delegation was at the IAEA in Vienna, Austria, to turn to the international community for emergency assistance to fight the deadly pest.

The menacing fly lays its eggs in a cut or open wound of a warm-blooded animal. The maggots then feast off the living flesh, and can kill the animal if it´s not treated in time.

The outbreak hit the country´s coast late last year. Veterinarian, Mansoor AlQadasi, General Director of the Central Veterinarian Laboratory, says it´s the first official outbreak of ´old world´ screw worm in Yemen.

“There are about 20,000 cases of livestock affected. Most of these are sheep and goats. We have also found some human cases — mainly in children and older people,” Mr. AlQadasi said.

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Thailand puppy rescue!

May 5, 2008

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Why Are Kids So Crazy About Animals?

April 30, 2008

Yeah, zoos are fun. So are cartoons. And I certainly see the appeal of a teddy bear.

But why are kids so over-the-top crazy about animals? I am especially struck by the fact that some of the most popular cartoon and children’s-book animals are among the least appealing animals in real life. Mice, for instance. And pigs and rats and bears and fish.

Here’s what I read the other day in the class newsletter my daughter brought home from kindergarten:

Post Office Money Update: After a vote among all four K classes about how to spend this money, “Animals” received the most votes. (Other choices were Kids, Grown-Ups, and the Earth.) Please let us know if you are aware of any reputable organizations which are devoted to animals.

I wouldn’t expect kids to want to give any of their money to grown-ups. And while kids may be helping to drive awareness of climate change, “the Earth” is a pretty amorphous target.

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Why puppy love can give your children a healthy start in life

April 29, 2008

Children run less risk of being sensitive to allergens if there is a dog in the house in the early years of their lives, scientists have found.

The conclusion, based on a six-year study of 9,000 children, adds weight to the theory that growing up with a pet trains the immune system to be less sensitive to potential triggers for allergies such as asthma, eczema and hay fever.

The “hygiene theory” of allergy holds that modern life has simply become too clean, meaning that babies’ immune systems are not exposed to enough germs to develop normally.

Having a dog provides enough dirt of the right kind, the new German study suggests. But it may be important that baby meets dog early enough to affect the immune system as it develops. “Our results show clearly that the presence of a dog in the home during subjects’ infancy is associated with a significantly low level of sensitisation to pollens and inhaled allergens,” said Joachim Heinrich of the National Research Centre for Environmental Health in Munich.

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‘Ordinary’ pets to the rescue on human-animal therapy teams

April 29, 2008

Most of the time, Biscuit the bulldog is just a regular stubby-legged young dude who runs around the yard collecting sticks and making everyone laugh with his goofy antics.

But each Friday, once he dons his green work vest, he adjusts his jowly mug into an expression of genial concern, discards all thoughts of canine capers and calmly sets about the business of cheering up stroke patients or encouraging children in their classrooms.

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Australia prefers Animals over AIDS

April 27, 2008

Australians are happy to donate money and time to charity but prefer giving to children or animals more than to the poor or homeless, a survey has found.

Charities collecting for sick people and AIDS victims struggled to get cash, according to the survey on a career network site.

The survey found three-quarters of Australians would love to volunteer to help a charity but only three out of 10 do so.

“People want to help kids but they are three times less inclined to help an AIDS victim,” said Campbell Sallabank, whose site, LinkMe, surveyed 2000 job seekers. “It’s not as appealing or sexy to give to those.”

The survey found nearly half the respondents would give their time to a charity involved with children and four out of 10 would give to animals or the elderly. The level of giving dropped sharply through the poor, disabled and homeless to just a quarter of people who would help the sick and 14 per cent willing to give to AIDS victims.

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Please Squeeze the Animals at Baby Animal Day (But don’t squeeze TOO hard)

April 14, 2008

Neither wind, nor temperatures in the 30s, nor the fact that it’s a work day shall keep thousands of children and their parents from chicks, ducklings and lambs.

Baby Animal Days, one of Cache Valley’s most popular family events, came again last weekend at the American West Heritage Center. Constant wind and low temperatures Thursday may have inspired some parents to postpone their attendance, but others bundled up the kids and refused to be bullied by a winter that refuses to leave.

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I want to go to Baby Animal day too!  It sounds like Nirvana, to me. 🙂

-Kitty Mowmow

Dog can play with ball by himself, thanks.

April 14, 2008

Monkey and boy connect

April 4, 2008

I really like this photo. Wanna suggest a caption? Comment with your suggestions!

Aaaawww… Eight-year-old forgoes birthday gifts to help shelter animals, animals celebrate birthday instead

March 2, 2008

Anelyse Mowery loves animals so much that she donated her birthday presents to the Kalamazoo County Animal Services and Enforcement shelter.

Fortunately for the dogs and cats housed there awaiting the possibility of new homes, Anelyse had asked the guests who helped her celebrate her eighth birthday to bring pet supplies.

“My mom asked me if I wanted to do that, and I said yes,” said Anelyse, who has three fish and a cat. She used to have a dog and wishes she had a hampster.

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Springing real animals into children’s lives

February 20, 2008

Kids love to see frogs and toads jump at Lakeside Nature Center. But it’s the leap made by the visiting kids that’s more impressive, says Susan Bray, a senior naturalist at the center. In her own words:

•“I’m really a firm believer — and this is what keeps me coming here and doing what I do — that kids really need a connection with nature. It’s called ‘nature deficit disorder’ now. Kids are getting so separated from the natural world.”•“I can’t tell you how many times — with the frogs, with an owl, with a snake — I pull the animal out to show kids and the first question is, ‘Is it real?’ Honestly, it’s scary.”
•“Kids, whether they’re wealthy or not, have their concept of the natural world pinned to things like Disney World or going to see a movie that has animation that is so real they don’t know the difference between real and animated.”
•“Many times I say, ‘Yeah, there’s not a single battery in this animal,’ and I get a lot of chuckles from the parents. But to the kids, this is a real thing they don’t get.”
•“For them to see a live frog actually move, and it’s not something controlled by battery or remote control, is pretty amazing. And, to me, that’s the opening to have a kid understand that there’s a whole bigger world out there that isn’t controlled by people.”
•“That’s what I believe is the importance of my work here on Earth. It’s helping make that connection.”

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