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County Board to Consider Narrow Prohibition on Snakes as Pets in Arlington, VA

April 24, 2008

County Board members on April 22 started a process that could see poisonous snakes outlawed as pets across Arlington by summer.

But, at the same time, board members backed away from a broader ban on owning exotic or potentially dangerous pets, saying more study was needed.

Board members voted 5-0 set a May public hearing on changes to the county code to outlaw venomous pets as snakes.

“In our urban environment, venomous snakes, venomous reptiles are not appropriate,” County Board Ron Carlee told board members.

If the ban is enacted in May – as appears likely – owners of such pets would have at least 30 days, perhaps more, to find new homes for them.

The prohibition also would apply to poisonous reptiles other than snakes, such as gila monsters, but county officials say there is no evidence any such reptiles are being kept as pets in the county.

Under the legal language to be considered next month, possession of a poisonous snake or reptile would be considered a misdemeanor offense, but individuals could be charged with separate counts every day an animal is kept in violation of the adopted ordinance.

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