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Baby crocs start chatting even before they hatch

June 23, 2008

Baby crocodiles start chatting to one another and to their mothers just before they hatch, perhaps signaling that it is time to be born, French researchers reported on Monday.

The little crocs make an “umph! umph! umph!” sound right before they hatch, Amelie Vergne and Nicolas Mathevon of Universite Jean Monnet in Saint-Etienne, France reported.

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Crocodile chomps on shark

May 23, 2008

Paul van Bruggen snapped these amazing pictures of a 2.5m saltie dining out on a shark on the banks of the Daly River, The Northern Territory News reports.

“We went past one section of the river and we heard some splashing,” he said.

“We looked across and saw a shark’s tail coming up out of the water and then a crocodile’s head came up and grabbed it.”

Mr van Bruggen said the crocodile knew exactly what it was doing, dragging the shark on to unfamiliar dry land before finishing off its prey.

“How smart is the crocodile? It if was you or me it would be dragging you in to drown you, but it takes the shark up on dry land,” he said.

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If we could talk to the animals, would they empathize?

March 4, 2008

Marc Bekoff, professor of Biology at the University of Colorado, Boulder, is in Australia to give a series of public talks on the emotional lives of animals.

Bekoff says scientists have moved on from the presumption that the way animals act is the result of programmed behaviour.

“It’s not a question of if they have emotions but why they have evolved,” he says.

Animals also have personalities, he says.

Bekoff says research has shown that elephants can experience grief, mice feel empathy, rats get excited about playing with a friend, sharks get mad and koalas have likes and dislikes.

Crocodile mums care for their kids, squid can be shy, fish can have addictive personalities and even coyotes get the blues.

“There are shy animals, bold animals, risk-takers … some animals wake up in the morning depressed and some wake up raring to go,” he says.

Bekoff says there is even evidence that animals possess a morality and have a unique “point of view on the world”, he says.

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Mozambique launches national animal census

March 3, 2008

Lack of proper planning in the use of natural resources worsened animal-human conflict in Mozambique, Agriculture minister, Soares Nhaca, told the national broadcaster on Monday.

Nhaca who was speaking at the official launch of a national animal census was quoted by Radio Mozambique as saying the census would enable authorities to demarcate enough land for animals, thereby reducing incidents where people are killed by animals.

The national animal census will be funded by the government to the tune of $800 000 (about R6-million) over a period of one year.

At the end of January, local media reported the death of three people and the serious injury of two others when they were attacked by crocodiles near the Chemba administrative post in central Mozambique.

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Aussie Teen Blames Pot for Animal Thefts

January 10, 2008


An Australian teenager blamed the influence of marijuana for his decision to steal two crocodiles and a monkey, local media reported Wednesday.

Benjamin Glen Watts, 19, pleaded guilty in court Tuesday to twice breaking into a wildlife park on the outskirts of the tropical city of Darwin last July, Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio reported on its Web site.

Watts said he planned to sell the stolen baby crocodiles and the marmoset but had been unable to find buyers, ABC reported.

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