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Kangaroos Threaten One Of Australia’s Last Remaining Original Grasslands, And Endangered Animals

May 21, 2008

Australian Department of Defence is currently culling hundreds of kangaroos on the outskirts of the capital Canberra that have produced heated discussions and hit international headlines. Australia’s iconic animal has multiplied so much over recent years that Canberra now has three times as many kangaroos as inhabitants. The situation is particularly critical at two enclosed military sites on the outskirts of the city, which form an ideal refuge for the eastern grey kangaroo (Macropus giganteus).

The grasslands there are now completely overgrazed – with dramatic consequences for other species. These areas are some of the few natural grasslands in Australia, making them one of the remaining reserves for endangered animal species, like the golden sun moth (Synemon plana) and the grassland earless dragon (Tympanocryptis pinguicolla), one of the world’s rarest lizards. Around 400 of nearly 600 kangaroos at a 200-hectare military site will be killed during the next days with lethal injections after the government ruled out a resettlement programme as too expensive. Resettlement would only relocate the problem.

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Roo ‘saviours’ targeted wrong animals

May 21, 2008

Protesters broke into defence property in a bid to disrupt the controversial cull of more than 400 kangaroos – but targeted the wrong animals.

Instead of stopping the cull they frightened and agitated a group of kangaroos which had been sedated and were due for release from a fertility trial, defence said.

Culling resumed this afternoon after an estimated 40 eastern grey kangaroos were put down by defence contractors yesterday.

The roos are being gathered in a pen at the former naval communications property at Lawson, in northern Canberra, then moved into an enclosed area where they are put down.

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Too hungry, too destructive, too many: South Africa to begin elephant cull

February 25, 2008

Amid words of protest and expressions of relief environment minister Martinus van Schalkwyk announced the elephant had been a victim of its own success with numbers growing from 8,000 to nearly 20,000 in national parks and private reserves in just over a decade.

Unveiling a new conservation plan he stressed that the killing of excess animals would only be allowed once all other available options – including translocation and contraception – had been ruled out.

“Our department has recognised the need to maintain culling as a management option, but has taken steps to ensure that this will be the option of last resort that is acceptable only under strict conditions,” he said in a statement. “The issue of population management has been devilishly complex and we would like to think that we have come up with a framework that is acceptable to the majority of South Africans.”

[…]Supporters of culling point to growing difficulties in managing elephants in the country’s biggest and most famous game reserve, Kruger National Park. It has more than 12,500 elephants, 5,000 more than is sustainable, according to park officials. Ecologists say the animals’ huge appetites and fondness for “habitat re-engineering” – reducing forests to flatland by uprooting trees and trampling plants as they feed and roam – threaten the park’s biodiversity.

But some conservationists argue the environmental impact is less severe than is being claimed, while animal rights campaigners, who have threatened to hold public protests if culling goes ahead, say the elephants’ intelligence and their close-knit social structures make culling deeply inhumane.

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