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Jane Goodall urges Nobel prize for sparing lab animals

May 27, 2008

The primatologist Dr Jane Goodall will today propose that a Nobel prize be set up for advancing medical knowledge without experimentation on animals. The scientist, who pioneered research on chimpanzees in the wild, says moving away from animal research is a “goal towards which all civilised nations should be moving”.

She will speak at an event organised by animal rights groups and MEPs to put pressure on the European commission to review directive 86/609, which governs animal research across the EU.

“As we move into the 21st century we need a new mind-set,” she said. “We should admit that the infliction of suffering on beings who are capable of feeling is ethically problematic and that the amazing human brain should set to work to find new ways of testing and experimenting that will not involve the use of live, sentient beings.

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Rampant overfishing endangers Baltic fish stocks

April 30, 2008

A storm is brewing, which means that coastal fisherman Zbignew Struck, 46, is taking in his salmon nets in the Bay of Puck in Poland.
“The storm could tangle the nets”, he says from the cabin of his boat.
There is another reason for the haste: Struck has cast his nets into the sea without permission.
“I am afraid that the fishing inspectors will show up. They watch us from the air and at sea, and wait for us in the harbours”, says the fisherman, who shakes his head at the thought of a hefty fine.

The inspectors have been cracking down on coastal and open-sea fishing, as Poland has been put under pressure by the European Union to do something about rampant fish poaching.  According to an assessment made last year, Poland had been in violation of cod quotas. As punishment, a ban on cod fishing in the Baltic Sea was imposed on Poland for the second half of the year.  The most defiant flouted the ban. Now the fishing routine is nearly back to normal, and illegal fishing continues unabated.

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World Week For Animals In Laboratories

April 22, 2008

From March of next year the testing on animals of ingredients used in lipsticks, deodorants and other cosmetics will largely have become illegal through laws passed under the 1976 European Union, (EU) Cosmetics Directive 76/768/EEC [.pdf]. Since 1986 animal rights groups have observed a week-long annual protest against the use of animals in laboratories. This week is World Week for Animals in Laboratories, (WWAIL).

A global event, WWAIL seeks to educate the public about the scientific, moral, and economic objections to vivisection. It challenges the entrenched view of research industries that animal experimentation is necessary.

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Europe cracks down on animal transport

February 27, 2008


The UK branch of the RSPCA says strict regulations governing the transport of animals in the European Union has led to better welfare standards.

Each new truck has to have a GPS device, and the movement of every animal is logged.

Nations can be sanctioned if they are found to be transporting animals inappropriately.

Julia Wrathall from the RSPCA says Australia can learn from what’s being done in the EU.

“But certainly a number of them, a number of the rules that we have in place, for example, the one relating to competency of the hauler, which in the EU requires that the hauler has an understanding of the physiology and behaviour of the species they’re transporting and that they understand, for example, the impact of their driving style on the animal welfare, those things are very relevant whereever animals are transported,” she says.

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