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PHOTO: Birds can surf! (on each other)

June 12, 2008

Giant Flying Reptiles Preferred To Walk

May 27, 2008

New research into gigantic flying reptiles has found that they weren’t all gull-like predators grabbing fish from the water but that some were strongly adapted for life on the ground.

Pterosaurs lived during the age of dinosaurs 230 to 65 million years ago. A new study by researchers at the University of Portsmouth on one particular type of pterosaur, the azhdarchids, claims they were more likely to stalk animals on foot than to fly.

Until now virtually all pterosaurs have been imagined by palaeontologists to have lived like modern seabirds: as gull- or pelican-like predators that flew over lakes and oceans, grabbing fish from the water. But a study of azhdarchid anatomy, footprints and the distribution of their fossils by Mark Witton and Dr Darren Naish shows that this stereotype does not apply to all flying reptiles and some were strongly adapted for terrestrial life.

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Pets To Be Given ‘VIP Treatment’ Aboard Air Canada

May 6, 2008

After being banned from passenger areas and consigned to cargo flights, jetsetting animals are in for a treat when flying Air Canada: they can now board the plane as checked luggage.

The development, which takes effect on Monday, stemmed from an April 4 directive from the Canadian Transportation Agency ordering Air Canada to clear pets for takeoff on its domestic and international passenger flights.

The agency called Air Canada’s ban on pets and kennels weighing less than 31.7 kilograms (70 pounds) “unreasonable” as it created too many difficulties for pet owners.

CATA further said that cargo flights are considered lower priority and, because of frequent flight delays and schedule changes, the pet may not arrive at the appointed destination on time.

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Animals in transit get better treatment than passengers at Frankfurt airport

April 18, 2008

Frustrated and exhausted travellers at Heathrow have been complaining recently of being treated like animals, caged in the terminal with little to drink and taunted by snarling ground staff.

Little wonder then that Frankfurt airport, the main European competitor to Heathrow, has decided to make a point by treating its animals in transit even better than its pampered business-class humans.

The animal lounge in the airport is equipped with all mod cons – subtle lighting to simulate night and day, sound-proofing, organic food and hostesses who stroke on demand.

“We want them to shed the stress of air travel,” Marco Klapper, a senior keeper, said. “Today our passengers include a batch of 20 polo ponies, some cormorants, quite a lot of geckos and the usual dogs and cats. They’re all getting along fine.”

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