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Montana Dog Owners Find Wild-Animal Traps Put Pets in Harm’s Way

April 29, 2008

The first order of business when freeing a dog caught in a trap, Anja Heister said, is to put a stick in its mouth.

“No matter how much it loves you, it may try to bite,” Ms. Heister explained to a group gathered at a coffee shop here last week.

The demonstration was one of several across Montana being conducted by Footloose Montana, a nonprofit organization led by Ms. Heister. The group is teaching people how to free pets inadvertently caught in traps set legally for wild fur-bearing animals.

Trapping is common in many parts of the country. But in Western states like Montana much of it takes place on public lands, where conflicts are playing out with increasing frequency between trappers and recreational users as the number of retirees and second-home owners grows.

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