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Baby crocs start chatting even before they hatch

June 23, 2008

Baby crocodiles start chatting to one another and to their mothers just before they hatch, perhaps signaling that it is time to be born, French researchers reported on Monday.

The little crocs make an “umph! umph! umph!” sound right before they hatch, Amelie Vergne and Nicolas Mathevon of Universite Jean Monnet in Saint-Etienne, France reported.

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Animal welfare group says eBay auctions in US of suspect ivory increasing

June 6, 2008

An animal welfare group says eBay auctions in the U.S. of illegal or possibly illegal ivory are skyrocketing.

In a statement Friday, the International Fund for Animal Welfare says eBay affiliates in Germany, Australia, France and China have nearly eliminated illegal ivory trading on their sites. The watchdog group says, however, that sales had shifted to North America.

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For Good Or Ill, Ireland Gains Another Mammal Species

May 6, 2008

Dave Tosh, from the School of Biological Sciences at Queens University, found the greater white-toothed shrew in Tipperary and Limerick while working with University College Cork and BirdWatch Ireland. Its natural range is in parts of Africa, France and Germany and before now the closest it has been spotted to Ireland is in the Channel Islands.

As part of his PhD, Dave was studying the diet of the Barn Owl in Ireland. Last winter John Lusby, Barn Owl Research Officer from Bird Watch Ireland, sent him pellets (regurgitated food remains) from owls in Tipperary and Limerick to help with the study.

Dave explained: “It was amongst a batch that I was about to dry in an oven, that I noticed a very large shrew skull.

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Japan announces it suspends the capture of humpback whales in the Antarctic

December 28, 2007


France noted with satisfaction the announcement by the Japanese government to suspend the capture of humpback whales in the Antarctic. This is a positive signal in the current context of accommodation within the International Whaling Commission, whose 78 members are contemplating the institution’s future and the means to end the deadlock.

France strongly encourages Japan to pursue this path and to end its program of so-called scientific whaling in the Antarctic (JARPA II), which plans to kill nearly 935 minke whales and 50 fin whales that appear on the IUCN (World Conservation Union) red list of threatened species.

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Speaking of France, have you seen this French Orangina “Naturally Juicy” ad? It’s filled with scantily-clad, stripping, and lapdancing critters. Are they anthropomorphized animals? Furries? I don’t know what to call them. Though it is very weird, it is also a “visual feast,” as the critics like to say.