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MRSA from farm animals found in humans in UK for first time

June 11, 2008

Three people have been infected with a form of MRSA usually found in pigs, the first time any humans in Britain have been infected by an animal strain of the superbug.

The variation has been found in farm animals and humans on the Continent, causing serious heart, bone, blood and skin diseases, as well as pneumonia.

Dr Giles Edwards, the director of the Scottish MRSA Reference Laboratory, said three people in Scotland had contracted the strain, known as ST398, in recent months.

“A lot of the patients who got this infection in Holland and Canada have been people who work with animals, such as farmers and vets. But none of the three individuals in Scotland have been in contact with animals, not that we could find.”

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Watch out for that tongue: Study cautions against getting too chummy with dogs

May 8, 2008

A slop across the face is a friendly – although messy – act of love from a dog.

Many owners gladly accept it. In fact, many are so close to their dogs that they let the animals hop onto the bed and snooze with them.

But a British study suggests owners need to be careful about getting too chummy with man’s best friend.

The study, from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs at the University of Liverpool Veterinary School, identifies risks involving transmittable diseases.

The study notes that allowing dogs to lick your face or sleep in your bed, or picking up the animal’s mess, could increase the risk of contracting infections such as staph, salmonella, campylobacter and MRSA.

At the same time, others point out, the risk is mild, especially when compared to the risks involving contact with humans, and there are numerous health benefits to owning a dog.

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