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Nanny saves child from coyote’s jaws, and other strange stories of human, animal conflicts

June 23, 2008

Seattle isn’t the only city with aggressive animals. Strange stories from across the country have accumulated over the past few years to paint a vivid picture of the growing conflict between humans and urban wildlife.

  • In April, a hawk in Boston’s Fenway Park swooped on a teenage girl and scratched her scalp with his talons, causing her to bleed.
  • A Florida woman was walking her dog in March when a bobcat approached, grabbed the pet in his mouth and retreated to the nearby woods. The woman has not seen her dog, a Maltese named Bogie, since.
  • In November in Clintonville, Ohio, a deer stabbed a dog with his antlers in at least five places on the dog’s side, chest and face. The dog, a Doberman, suffered a ruptured diaphragm and stomach, but survived.
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    Cattle escaped from overturned truck and closed Ohio highway

    June 3, 2008

    Cows that escaped from a jackknifed cattle trailer created havoc last night for authorities and northbound travelers on I-71.

    The cattle were headed from Texas to Pennsylvania, police said, when a 20-year-old Westerville man’s poor merge sent the cattle trailer skidding, popping open the rear door and setting free two animals.

    Jack Millman had tried to merge into the center lane of I-71 at I-270 around 8:45 p.m., setting into motion the hours-long cow hunt. Participants included Columbus police with shotguns, a New Albany cattle expert and an Ohio State University team with tranquilizer darts.

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    Are Exotic Pets A Dangerous Problem In The Miami Valley?

    May 3, 2008

    A giant alligator sits motionless by a pool of calm water, a cougar licks his paws under the sun of a warm April day, and two grown tigers pace inside a fenced-in enclosure.

    All four animals share a common history.They were all owned as pets by different Miami Valley residents and have been rescued by Preble County’s Heaven’s Corner Zoo.Throughout the years, workers at Heaven’s Corner, in West Alexandria, have taken in exotic pets that have either become too big or have gotten loose from their residential owners.

    “If you have the experience and the compound to take care of an animal like that, I see no problem with it,” said zoo volunteer Scott Trochelman. “But to have one in an apartment in Dayton? No. These animals are killers in the wild and in captivity.

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    Community-based Approach Best Bet To Control Free-roaming Cats, Survey Suggests

    April 17, 2008

    A survey gauging Ohioans’ attitudes about free-roaming cats suggests that no single statewide measure would be sufficient in managing cat overpopulation because public opinion about outdoor cats varies widely across the state.

    In particular, perceptions about the need to regulate cat overpopulation in Ohio tend to differ among rural and urban dwellers and among cat owners and people who do not own pets.

    Compounding the problem is that a quarter of Ohio households are feeding free-roaming cats, but most of those residents aren’t ensuring that the outdoor cats they feed are spayed or neutered.

    The Ohio State University survey indicates that about 40 percent of cat owners allow their cats to go outdoors. At the same time, almost half of the survey respondents believe laws should prohibit owners from letting their cats roam outside and nearly as many believe local governments should be responsible for controlling free-roaming cats.

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