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Animals become prey at Egypt’s Giza Zoo

June 9, 2008

In most zoos, employees feed and care for the animals. At Egypt’s Giza Zoo, police say, workers have been turning them into dinner or selling them as pets.

When two Moroccan camels were butchered in August, the perpetrators left behind only the hide and hooves. A police investigation found that a zookeeper had slaughtered the animals and sold the meat to supplement his monthly wage.

More than 400 animals, including foxes, zebras, a black panther and a giraffe, have vanished from the government-run menagerie in the last three years, according to police documents. Zoo conditions have grabbed headlines in a country where people criticize President Hosni Mubarak for everything from crumbling schools and hospitals to the low wages and rising food prices that have sparked violent protests.

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Panther kills farm animal, threatens ten year old boy

December 31, 2007


A Florida Panther is causing trouble for one Golden Gate neighborhood. A Collier County man claims that a panther jumped over his fence, killed a farm animal, and almost attacked a ten year old boy…

…When all of a sudden, Edgar said that a panther jumped over a fence and stood just 50 yards away while crouching down as if it were ready to attack one of the boys that was with the group.

“What I would like to put forth is the fact that it stalked a kid, ” Edgar said.

“I thought he was ready to jump so we both shoot, ‘pow-pow,’ not at the panther, just in the air.”

After firing several rounds, the panther then ran away, and so did the little boy and his family.

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