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Names and Petitions

February 23, 2008


I found another email from PETA in my mailbox today. I think they might be a little bit confused though. They address me as Naresh, and while I do think Naresh is a very nice and interesting name, I have never used it as my own moniker in any shape, form, or fashion. Also, PETA thinks I signed a petition to stop circus cruelty. I don’t THINK I signed the petition; I know I didn’t intend to do so. I just tried to let you guys know that you could sign the petition if you wanted.

Now, before you start thinking, “Oh Kitty Mowmow, aren’t you being a hypocrite? You want everybody else to sign a petition, but you didn’t sign it yourself!” Well I think my personal decision to never sign petitions (for my own idiosyncratic reasons, I prefer making statements in other ways) should not deter me from letting you know that the option to sign a petition is available to you. How can I fulfill my role as an objective purveyor of animal-related information if I neglect to tell you about petitions? What a sad state of affairs that would be!

Anyway, this email, while it is addressed to someone other than myself, contains more information in which you may have an interest. Let me know what you think about it.
-Kitty Mowmow

Hi Naresh,

Thank you so much for signing the petition to stop circus

You can help stop the suffering of elephants, tigers, and other
animals abused in the name of “entertainment” by supporting
PETA’s vital work.

Here are some more ways that you can help animals.

1. Please take a moment to sign up for our Activist Network. It
is the best way to keep in touch with PETA about our campaigns,
events in your area, and animal rights issues across the world.

2. Follow our “Steps to Take When the Circus Comes to Town.”
[ ]

3. Visit for posters, leaflets, and stickers.
If you need some help organizing, contact PETA’s Campaign
[ ]

4. Sponsor an ad, billboard, or radio or TV Public Service
Announcement (PSA) in your local newspaper.

5. Start a campaign to end circus and other acts that exploit
animals in your community. Here is a list of local bans on
animal acts from across the United States.

Thanks for helping animals,

Ingrid Newkirk