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Detectives on pets’ tails

June 23, 2008

Here were the facts:

Subject had fled in panic two days earlier. Unresponsive to repeated calls. Known to fear men – and Styrofoam packing peanuts.

No question, it was a case for Laura Totis and her trusty sidekick, Chewy, she of the neon sense of smell. If these pros couldn’t solve this case, maybe no one could.

Pet detective and German shepherd pulled into a Reisterstown cul-de-sac at the back end of dusk. There stood Namha Corbin, frowning owner of the missing subject, one freshly shorn Wheaten terrier named Biscuit. And waiting with Corbin was the guilt-racked dog-sitting friend on whose watch Biscuit had disappeared.

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Puppy born without front legs now uses model airplane wheels to get around

June 23, 2008

This tiny puppy may have been born without front legs but there’s no way that is holding her back.

Hope, the appropriately named two-legged Maltese puppy gets around by using a specially-designed device which features wheels from a model aeroplane.

The energetic pup uses her hind legs to boost her body forward onto her chest and operate the wheeled prosthetic limbs.

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Nanny saves child from coyote’s jaws, and other strange stories of human, animal conflicts

June 23, 2008

Seattle isn’t the only city with aggressive animals. Strange stories from across the country have accumulated over the past few years to paint a vivid picture of the growing conflict between humans and urban wildlife.

  • In April, a hawk in Boston’s Fenway Park swooped on a teenage girl and scratched her scalp with his talons, causing her to bleed.
  • A Florida woman was walking her dog in March when a bobcat approached, grabbed the pet in his mouth and retreated to the nearby woods. The woman has not seen her dog, a Maltese named Bogie, since.
  • In November in Clintonville, Ohio, a deer stabbed a dog with his antlers in at least five places on the dog’s side, chest and face. The dog, a Doberman, suffered a ruptured diaphragm and stomach, but survived.
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    Harvey the trampolining dog found

    June 23, 2008

    A dog named Harvey who used a trampoline to escape over a garden fence has been reunited with his owners.

    The black and white Staffordshire Bull Terrier pulled off the stunt to bound to freedom at noon on Friday.

    But after this week’s publicity, his owner Laura Kidson, 27, received a call from the RSPCA on Tuesday night to say Harvey had been handed in to them at the weekend.

    He has now been reunited with Miss Kidson, her four year old daughter Chloe and nine month old son Cole, who had been pining for him, at their home in York.

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    Deadly Diseases You Can Catch From Your Pet

    June 19, 2008

    Pets can serve as wonderful companions – and owning one certainly has many physical and mental health benefits.

    However, with the summer months upon us, it is likely your pets will be spending more time outdoors, leaving them prone to zoonotic diseases – diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans.

    A Corpus Christi, Texas, man and his daughter spent weeks in the hospital because of a diseased cockatiel bought from a PetSmart store, according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday by the man’s family.

    Joe De La Garza, 63, later died of psittacosis, KRIS 6 News reported.

    “There have been over 250 zoonotic diseases identified,” said Dr. Roger Mahr, past president of the American Veterinary Medical Association. “There is a particular focus on household pets. They are definitely an area of concern. More than 60 percent of U.S. households have pets and the value of that companionship has been recognized.”

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    Pets Can Improve Your Health and Aid in Recovery

    June 19, 2008

    There is now evidence showing that domestic animals not only provide great companionship, but they can also help prevent illness. A recent study conducted by the University of Minnesota has highlighted the importance of regular contact with pets. The study showed that having a cat for a pet can reduce your risk of heart attack or stroke by just under 50 percent.

    The study included 4,500 adults between the ages of 30 and 75 years. The study participants were followed for 10 years. The conclusion was that cat owners had a 40 percent lower risk of a fatal heart attack.

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    Boy Cuddles & Plays With His 20-Ft. Pet Python

    June 19, 2008

    Man orders pet python to attack police officers

    June 19, 2008

    Bridgeport police say they arrested a city man after he ordered his pet to attack two officers. Lucky for them that 9-foot-long pythons aren’t very obedient.

    Police Lt. James Viadero says 21-year-old Victor Rodriguez was charged with threatening police and disorderly conduct after Monday’s incident. No one was hurt.

    Officers were called to Rodriguez’s apartment on a report that he was threatening his girlfriend with the pet reptile.

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    Teen blames pet gerbil for 3-car accident

    June 18, 2008

    A teenager is blaming her pet gerbil for a car crash in Springville Tuesday.

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    Help scaredy cats (and dogs) cope with fireworks this summer

    June 12, 2008

    Shawn O’Dierno’s rescued Doberman was a certified therapy dog who could help soothe patients and tolerated the sounds of dropped hospital equipment, loud arguments or crying visitors. But while Reid coped with the stress of a hospital room, he couldn’t handle fireworks.

    “We were staying at a place by a beach where the fireworks were going on,” said O’Dierno, of Portland, Ore. “He went nuts and hid behind chairs.”

    The situation repeated itself at other celebrations until O’Dierno realized her dog had a fireworks phobia: “His eyes would pop open, and you could see the fear when the fireworks go off.”

    Experts haven’t figured out why some pets are extremely sensitive to fireworks, but some believe the smell of gunpowder may add to jitters caused by loud explosions.

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    Dogs vs. Robots! What to do?

    June 12, 2008

    To keep the peace at home, Keith Hearn had to scold his new robotic vacuum cleaner.

    The trouble started when Mr. Hearn first turned on his Roomba automatic cleaner. When the device started scooting around the floor, Mr. Hearn’s dog, Argos, attacked it.

    Seeking help, Mr. Hearn found an online forum dedicated to the hundred-dollar Roomba buzzing with similar stories of pet assailants. Owners were offering advice. Among the most popular: Chastise the vacuum in front of the dog.

    And so, with Argos looking on, Mr. Hearn shook his finger at his gadget and sternly called it “a bad Roomba.” Argos appeared to be mollified. “After that, he never tried nipping at it again,” says Mr. Hearn, a software engineer in San Carlos, Calif.

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    PHOTOS: Mini-pigs are pocket-sized pets!

    June 12, 2008

    After a series of false pregnancies, farmer Chris Murray’s Pennywell Miniature pigs have given birth to eight tiny piglets at his Pennywell Farm in Devon, England. The smallest pig is named Tetley, because he’s not much bigger than a cup of tea.

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    Auf Widersehen Pets! How we are treating man’s best friends to a special send-off

    June 12, 2008

    At funerals it always seems to rain and this one is no different. A watery sun breaks through the thin clouds as a silver hearse drives sedately to the private crematorium. Later, the casket containing the ashes of the dear departed is conveyed to a small open grave where they are interred.

    But this is no ordinary farewell. The ceremony has been arranged by Ann Blairman, who is saying a final, emotional farewell to Sophie, her cocker spaniel.

    ‘It’s very comforting when you’ve loved a dog to know that you’re giving it the best farewell you can.’ she says. ‘I couldn’t just let her be thrown away.’

    The retired homeopath in her 70s is one of an ever-increasing number of pet owners who ensure their beloved animals are given a fitting send off when the time comes.

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    Alabama trainers mold mustangs into cherished pets

    June 11, 2008

    The marvelous-looking mustangs collect together near the far end of the pen at the sound of the gate swinging open.

    Wess Ehret slowly walks toward them, calling out with a calming voice. The horses gather even closer to each other, trying to avoid him as much as possible.

    Eventually, Ehret’s patience pays off. He coaxes Colorado his way. That’s the name of one of the friendlier mustangs. Ehret balls his hand into a fist and lets the horse smell it.

    Soon, Colorado is convinced Ehret is not a predator, and allows him to pet him.

    “This one likes to be pals,” Ehret said.

    One by one, the mustangs are warming to trainers Ehret and Katrina Robbins these days.

    Their ultimate goal is for the mustangs to become so familiar with people that they will be adoptable, and it seems that goal is on its way to being reached.

    The Central Heights couple is among trainers across the nation selected by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management for the Wild Horse and Burro Management Program. The effort is designed to help control overpopulation of wild mustangs.

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    Photo: Lizard Lounge

    June 9, 2008

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    Animals become prey at Egypt’s Giza Zoo

    June 9, 2008

    In most zoos, employees feed and care for the animals. At Egypt’s Giza Zoo, police say, workers have been turning them into dinner or selling them as pets.

    When two Moroccan camels were butchered in August, the perpetrators left behind only the hide and hooves. A police investigation found that a zookeeper had slaughtered the animals and sold the meat to supplement his monthly wage.

    More than 400 animals, including foxes, zebras, a black panther and a giraffe, have vanished from the government-run menagerie in the last three years, according to police documents. Zoo conditions have grabbed headlines in a country where people criticize President Hosni Mubarak for everything from crumbling schools and hospitals to the low wages and rising food prices that have sparked violent protests.

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    Pets are baby boomers too–with medical bills to match

    June 8, 2008

    Better preventative care, medicine, vitamins and food are making pets live longer, but leading to one costly side effect: higher medical bills, the Washington Post reports.

    Think of them as baby boomers on four legs. They’re older and fatter–just like the country at large. About 44% of the country’s dogs are older than 6, compared with 32% in 1987, according to the Post. And 45% of U.S. pets are overweight or obese, according to the Assn. for Pet Obesity Prevention.

    But also like humans, they are racking up larger medical bills. According to the American Veterinary Medical Assn., spending on veterinary medicine doubled to $24.5 million in the last decade, the Post reports.

    So pet owners are now opting for expensive surgeries and preventative procedures–such as with the dog above, who was getting hip replacement surgery–when in the past a vet would resort to euthanasia.

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    Cute, furry house pets – and other delicacies

    June 8, 2008

    I didn’t have a guinea pig as a pet when I was young, so maybe that made it a little easier to tear one apart and eat it when I was in Peru a few months ago.

    A few of the people I was travelling with baulked when the local delicacy was placed in front of them, and as it turned out, they weren’t missing much. My once furry little house pet was gamey, a bit tough, and pretty damn hard to get any meat off of – particularly the head, which you literally have to gnaw on.

    Don’t tell Peruvians that though – they seem to love the little fellas.

    And that’s the thing: when you’re travelling, you realise that one person’s house pet, or one person’s inedible gristle, is the next person’s culinary staple. Hell, sometimes it’s a revered national dish.

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    Can animal whisperers help you communicate with your pets?

    June 6, 2008

    Ears twitching wildly, Nikki and Lucy hovered near the telephone, aroused by the caller on the other end. He was their “whisperer,” and the girls had something to tell me: “Their food tastes like sawdust.”

    Nikki and Lucy are my 10-year-old cats. They were nice to each other up until a year or so. That’s when the hissing started, and the bullying, and the sporadic indifference.

    That’s also when Nikki, shy and small-boned, began packing on the pounds and chronically licking her tummy until the fur was gone, opening up sore spots that compounded the problem.

    Was it middle age? Our five-room apartment closing in? I decided to consult an animal communicator, aka whisperer, to get an alternative read on their well-being and their relationship.

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    National Study Finds Your Pet’s Name Reveals Your Presidential Candidate Preferences

    June 6, 2008

    Based on a random national sample of 1,059 consumers, Strategic Name Development, Inc. discovered a significant correlation between the way we name our pets and the 2008 presidential candidates we prefer.

    This new source of information has pinpointed some interesting associations between owners pet names and their preference for 2008 presidential candidates.

    Highlights of the Study

    • Hillary Clinton may have more in common with John McCain than with Barack Obama: supporters of both candidates are more likely to give their pets derogatory nicknames.
    • McCain supporters frequently name their pets after past presidents and other notable political figures, including Jackson, Franklin, Garfield, Ike and, of course, McCain.
    • Clinton supporters have pets named Chelsea and Arianna. One assumes this is intended as a compliment. (See Graph: % of Pets Named After People)
    • Obama supporters are the most likely to use coined (or created) names for their pets: Bam-Bam, Gordo, Jinxie, Dog, Kitty Dawg and Puhduhduhduh.
    • Clinton supporters also favor suggestive names that describe their pets personality, including cuddly names like Dreamer and Cupcake. (See Graph: % of Pets With Suggestive Names)
    • Those who name their pets Rebel and Patriot are most likely to support John McCain.

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