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Cattle escaped from overturned truck and closed Ohio highway

June 3, 2008

Cows that escaped from a jackknifed cattle trailer created havoc last night for authorities and northbound travelers on I-71.

The cattle were headed from Texas to Pennsylvania, police said, when a 20-year-old Westerville man’s poor merge sent the cattle trailer skidding, popping open the rear door and setting free two animals.

Jack Millman had tried to merge into the center lane of I-71 at I-270 around 8:45 p.m., setting into motion the hours-long cow hunt. Participants included Columbus police with shotguns, a New Albany cattle expert and an Ohio State University team with tranquilizer darts.

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Ancient Amphibian: Debate Over Origin Of Frogs And Salamanders Settled With Discovery Of Missing Link

May 22, 2008

The description of an ancient amphibian that millions of years ago swam in quiet pools and caught mayflies on the surrounding land in Texas has set to rest one of the greatest current controversies in vertebrate evolution. The discovery was made by a research team led by scientists at the University of Calgary.

The examination and detailed description of the fossil, Gerobatrachus hottoni (meaning Hotton’s elder frog), proves the previously disputed fact that some modern amphibians, frogs and salamanders evolved from one ancient amphibian group called temnospondyls.

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Giant Pythons Could Spread Quickly Across South

May 19, 2008

As if killer bees and kudzu weren’t enough, the southern United States may soon have another invasive species to contend with — giant Burmese pythons capable of swallowing deer and alligators whole.

Approximately 30,000 of the big snakes, which can reach 30 feet and 200 pounds, already live wild in Florida’s Everglades, thanks to thick-headed pet owners who’ve released them into the swamps when they’ve grown too large to keep at home.

But now the U.S. Geological Survey says Florida is not the only place the Burmese python can thrive.

n fact, the big beasts, which are not poisonous and rarely attack humans, could live happily in the entire southern third of the country, from Southern California to Texas and the Lower Mississippi Valley and up the Eastern Seaboard to Chesapeake Bay.

All it would take would be enough pet releases in various locations to create a breeding population.

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Dallas dog and cat owners object to proposal to curb pets

April 29, 2008

A plan to enact strict new rules for pet ownership in Dallas drew sharp opposition at City Hall on Monday, despite the City Council’s insistence that something must be done to address a massive and growing stray-dog problem.

Pet owners, breeders and dog show participants showed up in force to protest the proposed changes, which include mandatory spaying and neutering of pets and limiting Dallas households to a total of six cats and dogs.

“I do believe there is a stray-dog problem, but these particular changes won’t solve that,” said Sarah Hebler, owner of a Belgian Tervuren she doesn’t want to have fixed.

Many who attended the meeting said the plan will place new burdens on responsible pet owners and do nothing to stop people who don’t follow current regulations.

But city officials, including Animal Shelter Advisory Commission Chairman Robert “Skip” Trimble, said the city can’t stand by anymore while packs of dogs run wild in some of the city’s poorest neighborhoods.

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No sex for all-girl fish species

April 22, 2008

A fish species, which is all female, has survived for 70,000 years without reproducing sexually, experts believe.

Scientists from the University of Edinburgh think the Amazon Molly may be employing special genetic survival “tricks” to avoid becoming extinct.

The species, found in Texas and Mexico, interacts with males of other species to trigger its reproduction process.

The offspring are clones of their mother and do not inherit any of the male’s DNA.

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Pets stuck in cars in Texas get a break

April 5, 2008

Leave your dog alone in a sweltering car and you might end up with a parched pet — and a broken window.

Fort Worth animal control officers are now allowed to break into vehicles to seize an animal whose health they believe is in danger.

The City Council approved strengthening the animal and fowl ordinance at a meeting last week.

“We’ll still try to first find the pet’s owner, of course,” said Keane Menefee, director of animal care and control.

“But if we can’t and the animal is doing badly, we’ll go in and get it out ourselves.”

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200 Animals Seized By SPCA May Be Put Up For Adoption

January 28, 2008


Two hundred neglected animals seized in east Texas may soon need a new home. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals rescued the 200 animals — including 26 hissing cockroaches and two bearded dragons — from a home near Marshall on Friday.

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San Antonio, TX opens $12 million animal shelter

January 7, 2008


SAN ANTONIO — A new $12.1 million animal shelter opening here Monday will offer services including free sterilization clinics and classes on caring for animals.

Animal Care Services is a city-funded organization charged with caring for San Antonio’s abandoned, surrendered and abused animals.

Jef Hale, director of the shelter, said that the new 15-acre facility will expand their capabilities and help treat the root of the animal control problem — a lack of resources and education in the community. He said it will also help them reach a goal of having a no-kill shelter by 2012.

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Tour Schedule for Super Furry Animals 2008

December 27, 2007


What could be more Animal-esque than Super Furry Animals? Here’s their tour schedule for the new year.

12/31 – London, ENG – Royal Festival Hall
01/23 – Hoboken, NJ – Maxwell’s
01/25 – Brooklyn, NY – Music Hall of Williamsburg
01/26 – Philadelphia, PA – Starlight Ballroom
01/27 – Washington, D.C. – 9:30 Club
01/29 – Carrboro, NC – Cat’s Cradle
01/30 – Atlanta, GA – Variety Playhouse
01/31 – New Orleans, LA – The Republic
02/01 – Dallas, TX – Granada Theatre
02/02 – Austin, TX – Emo’s
02/05 – Tucson, AZ – Club Congress
02/06 – Solona Beach, CA – Belly Up
02/08 – Los Angeles, CA – Echoplex
02/09 – San Francisco, CA – Great American Music Hall
02/11 – Portland, OR – Doug Fir
02/12 – Seattle, WA – Neumos
02/15 – Minneapolis, MN – Varsity Theatre
02/16 – Chicago, IL – Metro
02/17 – Detroit, MI – Magic Stick
02/18 – Buffalo, NY – Tralf Music Hall
02/20 – Toronto, ON – Mod Club
02/21 – Montreal, QC – Cabaret Music Hall
02/22 – Ithaca, NY – Cornell University
02/23 – Boston, MA – The Paradise
02/25 – New York, NY – Bowery Ballroom