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Is Rover Smarter than You? U. of AL Speaker to Address Mental Capacities of Animals

April 7, 2008

This is at my university and I’m going to it and I’m so excited!!!  I’m going to try to record it and play it on Sunday’s radio broadcast of Kitty Mowmow’s Animal Expo (April 13).  Maybe I can convince Dr. Allen to let me interview him on the show…hm…. I’ll work on that.

-Kitty Mowmow

Do dogs dream? Do cats recognize their owners as unique beings or just something capable of providing food? Could it be that dolphins, elephants, and monkeys have mental capacities that are similar—or supersede—those of humans?

Dr. Colin Allen, professor of history and philosophy of science from Indiana University, will explore possible answers to these questions and the nature of non-human minds in his lecture, “Smart Animals, Dumb Humans? How Should We Understand the Evolutionary Continuity of Mind?” April 10 at 7:30 p.m. in the auditorium of the biology building on The University of Alabama campus. The talk is part of The Alabama Lectures of Life’s Evolution, or ALLELE, series.

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Puppy needs foster/permanent home ASAP! Take the Kitty Mowmow Save the Puppy Challenge!

March 27, 2008

My friend who provides foster care to cats asked me to pass this on to you, loyal reader of Kitty Mowmow’s Animal Expo.

Do you live within driving distance of Tuscaloosa, AL? Do you know someone who does? And would you or that someone like to give this adorable little puppy, named Galen, a foster or permanent home? Of course you do. 🙂


This is the Kitty Mowmow Save the Puppy Challenge: Let’s all work together to find a home for Galen! Call all your family, friends, and co-workers to see if they want to help her. Email me as soon as possible at kittymowmowsanimalexpo AT gmail DOT com and let me know that you want her.

Here’s some info about the Galen, given to me by the shelter:

galen-2-pix-1.jpgGalen, meaning “festive party” in Gaelic, is called that because she is such a joyful little thing. She’s a rescued puppy who during her very short life was chained to a fence with very little water or food, in all kinds of weather. When the guy who owned her released her, we took her to be kenneled and she has been there since last Friday. The nice woman who runs the place gave very favorable reports about her behavior. She said she placed a very, very large pillow in the kitchen and Galen climbed on it and slept all night without any barking. She also has had no accidents in the house. This has not changed. Her behavior is still stable, and the woman says she will make a wonderful pet. She said If she didn’t have so many dogs of her own she would keep her. Galen’s birthday was November 1, 2007, so she is just a little over 4 mos.old. She has had the complete series of shots, is heartworm free, and on her 1st heartworm medication, and is solid black. She will be spayed probably before 5 months old.

We need a temporary fostering situation, one that will enable her to say inside a house and continue to be socialized. She’s a terrific puppy. We will provide food,etc. Because of my strained finances involving animal rescue, it would be nice if the charge is low. I should mention that the woman keeping her committed to watching four other dogs over spring break, so she can’t keep galen later than Friday. Too little time to find her another place!!!


galen-2-pix-2.jpgThank you, thank you for the follow-through on Galen. I had to keep her with the woman who was kenneling her. Fortunately, a couple of people who had planned to keep their dogs with her during Spring break didn’t go away. I say “fortunate,” but it still is costing me an extra $105.00 for one week!!!!! Ordinarily, that wouldn’t be a problem, but we’ve been involved in lots of rescue lately. You know the story. Galen should be spayed like today–at least not more than five months of age. Anyone who fosters her would have to keep her from running around or rough-housing because of stitches. They’re usually removed at 10 days. I’m thinking of taking her to be spayed the end of this week or the beginning of next week, but I wish she had somewhere to go after that. I like [the place and the woman she’s currently staying with], but the $$$ is the problem. It may delay the spaying, if I don’t get a place for her.

Take the Kitty Mowmow Save the Puppy Challenge! Please help the puppy and the animal shelter!  Email me at kittymowmowsanimalexpo AT gmail DOT com if you are interested or need more info.

First episode of the semester!

January 15, 2008


2008’s first episode of Kitty Mowmow’s Animal Expo aired on 90.7 The Capstone, WVUA-FM in Tuscaloosa, Alabama this past Sunday.  I think it went rather well (I had fun, anyway), but it didn’t quite go as I expected. I spent a lot of time researching and preparing for the show – it was supposed to be about tigers – and spent several hours on Sunday solidifying an awesome tiger-filled playlist.  Sadly, my tiger show was not to be – even though I checked to make sure I had all my equipment with me before I left my apartment for the radio station, I somehow managed to leave the power chord to my computer at home – leaving me digital-music-library-less, and therefore, animal-esque-playlist-less.

I wasn’t about to cancel the first episode of the year, so with just a few minutes left before the show was supposed to start I quickly searched for animal music on our station’s computer system.  Then, abandoning my carefully researched tiger data, I Googled “animals” and “endangered species” to find some articles about animals to discuss over the air.  Then I rolled up my sleeves and proceeded with the show extemporaneously.

I might post MP3’s of the show later, and let you decide how good the show was.  Maybe it wasn’t my most professional broadcast, but it was one of the most fun.  Special thanks to Michael for calling me during the show, and to Reid for clarifying the names of one of the artists!

And now, the playlist:

Moving Units – Birds of Prey
They Might Be Giants – Birdhouse in Your Soul
AFI – Rabbits are Roadkill
Trolleyvoxx – Rabbit in the Sun
Rogue Wave – Bird on a Wire
The Beta Band – Dog’s Got a Bone
Live – Rattlesnake
David Kilgour – Dogs Barking
And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead – Caterwaul
Beastie Boys – The Rat Cage
Pantera – Cat Scratch Fever
Big Blue Marble – Cat out the Bag
ZibraZibra – Cat and Mouse