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Dingo Urine Offers Humane Solution To Kangaroo Cull

June 17, 2008

Tasmania’s marsupials have been offered a life-line by researchers at Curtin University of Technology’s Department of Environmental Biology utilising cutting edge science involving fresh dingo urine.

Historically, Tasmania’s logging industry has used 1080 poison, shooting and more recently cyanide to control kangaroos and wallabies in areas marked for reforestation, however this method is unselective and kills all wildlife.

Partially synthesised and pelletised by project partner, The Chemistry Centre WA, the dingo urine product repels wild marsupials when spread in areas of new-growth forestation and offers a realistic alternative to lethal baits and shooting.

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Teenage thugs attack animals at popular safari park

April 21, 2008

Scotland’s only safari park has banned visitors from getting close to the animals after a series of sickening attacks.

Thugs have kicked llamas and pot-bellied pigs, beaten goats with branches and thrown stones at wallabies.

They speared an apple on a goat’s horns and goaded others to chase it at Blair Drummond Safari Park.

Animals became ill at its pets farm after visitors ignored warnings and fed them beef and ham sandwiches and chocolate.

David Booth, chief game warden at the park, near Stirling, said: “Visitors could walk among the animals at the pets farm.

“But the behaviour of some people – mostly teenagers and kids – has made it impossible.

“The problem has got worse in the last couple of years. Some things that happened are unbelievable.

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