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Flesh eating insects feasted on dino bones

May 10, 2008

A new study has attributed the cause of most dinosaur skeletons exhibiting pits, grooves and furrows to flesh and bone-eating insects, which gnawed on the dinosaur bones.

According to a report in the Discovery News, the evidence comes from dinosaur bones that were buried under soft mud 148 million years ago after a nearby river overflowed.

Utah’s Western Paleontological Laboratories recovered the bones and turned them over to Brigham Young University scientists, who recently pieced together what happened.

After scientists recreated the event, they found out that a Camptosaurus adolescent dinosaur died in what is now Wyoming, lying down for its final rest.

Flying low over a floodplain a few days later, dermestid beetles used their antennae to detect the odor of the decaying carcass, where they laid their larvae that consumed the dinosaurs bones.

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Federal judge in Montana rejects bid to delay wolf lawsuit

May 10, 2008

A federal judge in Montana has rejected a request by the government to delay a lawsuit seeking to place the gray wolf back on the endangered species list, saying he’s “unwilling to risk more deaths.”

At least 39 of the Northern Rockies’ 1,500 gray wolves have been killed since they lost federal protection in March. That action placed wolves under the authority of state wildlife agencies in Wyoming, Idaho and Montana.

The three states have relaxed rules for killings wolves that harass or harm livestock. The states are also planning public hunts later this year — the first in decades.

Environmental and animal rights groups sued the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service last week, claiming the loss of federal protection threatens the wolf’s successful recovery. They also asked for a court injunction to restore federal control over wolves while the case is pending.

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Wolf’s death stirs fears for species’ fate

April 8, 2008

He might have led the famous Druid Peak wolf pack had he stuck around.

Instead, the wolf known as 253M left the safety of Yellowstone National Park and lit out for Utah, on the way becoming a darling of wolf-watchers around the world.

Nicknamed “Limpy” because his back legs were crippled in a fight when he was young, 253M was just shy of 8 years old – a wolf Methuselah – when he died March 28, shot in Wyoming on the first day wolves lost their protected status under the U.S. Endangered Species Act.

Bad move, say wolf advocates

“He’s got to be the most famous wolf in the lower 48 states,” said Alan Sachanowski, a photographer who lives just north of Yellowstone in Pray, Mont. “If they wanted to make a martyr on the first weekend of delisting, I’d say they succeeded. Never before has any animal come off the endangered species list to face this kind of persecution.”

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