Monroe officials call for calm over puppy video

Internet-fueled rage over a video that appears to depict a Marine throwing a puppy off a cliff continued to grow Wednesday, turning the controversy into a community issue in Monroe.

Threats keep building toward the family of a man many believe is the Marine in the video, and from across the globe Internet vigilantes are calling the workplace of the man’s mother in Monroe and threatening acts of vandalism unless the mother is fired.

The business owner on Wednesday said there is no way he would terminate an employee over anger that others feel toward one of her adult children.

The Herald is not identifying the business because of safety concerns for its employees.

Targeting the family is wrong, City Councilman Mitch Ruth said.

“Certainly, the family members were not involved in the incident, whatever the incident was,” Ruth said. “I view this as a community issue as a whole.”

Ruth said his city e-mail address has been sent many “abusive, profane and harassing” messages accusing the city of tolerating animal cruelty. He urged people to calm down and let the U.S. Marine Corps complete its investigation about the video.

“The city of Monroe has no jurisdiction over this issue.” Ruth said. “If the act depicted in the video did occur, it’s very disturbing at any level. But it has nothing to do with the image of the community.”

The Marine from Monroe is stationed at Marine Corps Base Hawaii, where the investigation of the video is being conducted.

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